Poster Povery sucks

Winner of the Photo Contest 2017

Povery sucks July 5, 2017

Winner of the photo contest 2017 is the poster "Poverty sucks".

Haifa Pride Parade 2017

Haifa Pride Parade 2017

We are different... June 30, 2017

This year Pride Parade Haifa 2017 has been held among tight security.

Flea market

Haifa Photo Festival 2017

We are different... March 7, 2017

The Photo Association launched the 2017 Haifa Photo Festival, “We are different...,” on March 7. The festival features 15 artists from 6 different countries and covers different photography genres, showcasing international cultures through photography and related media. has long been a partner of the festival, supporting amateur participation. This year, seven amateur photographers will display work in the main exhibition. These artists will present photographs inspired by technology, the environment, society, cultural diversity, and more. The festival, which runs until March 11, includes a training program for emerging photographers, a lecture series, and performance photography.